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Application Penetration Testing

Identify Security Risks Early

Application penetration services are important to check the vulnerabilities of applications against cyberattacks. It is important since you never know when you get attacked by any malicious virus, attempt to get unauthorized access, or compromise your application security. Penetration testing exposes your application to simulated attacks and determines if it can withstand them.

Our Application Penetration Testing Services:

Audi job provides comprehensive servicers to find loopholes in the configured security feature in your network, software, and built application. It is always better to check the deficiencies early than find out about them later on when the impact can be really dreadful.

The following list provides an overview of Bezetten application penetration testing services. We also provide custom and bespoke security assessments for VoIP and IoT devices at affordable pricing with reliable results.

Services for Application Penetration Testing Include:

  • Penetration tests for wireless networks
  • Testing web applications for vulnerabilities
  • Penetration tests of external networks
  • Testing the internal network for vulnerabilities
  • Mobile applications penetration testing
  • Penetration testing via remote access
  • Scanning for vulnerabilities

Penetration Testing of External Networks

Businesses rely heavily on web applications for success, and these applications are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Web application penetration testing seeks to identify vulnerabilities, including those that could expose sensitive financial information and user information, in advance of any breach occurrence.

In a network infrastructure penetration test, vulnerabilities are identified and security risks are exposed at the infrastructure level. If any vulnerability is discovered, it is exploited safely, and then the vulnerability is confirmed.

Automated tools and vulnerabilities assessment often return false positives, therefore, we follow a manual process.

The following are typical issues:

  • Unrestricted or uncontrolled access to services
  • Service vulnerabilities and unpatched operating systems
  • Protocols and configurations that are insecure
  • Web Application Penetration Testing Service

Our experienced experts in web application security testing as well as website security testing, including CCT APP( Certified Web Application Testers ), help you identify and remedy a wide range of risks.

Assessment of Internal Networks

We perform internal penetration tests remotely or onsite utilizing an appliance that permits our team to connect remotely. Penetration testers can perform work outside of business hours by deploying an appliance onsite. It leads to reducing costs and risks.

The following are typical issues:

  • Service vulnerabilities and insecure operating systems
  • Protocols and/or configurations that are insecure
  • Unrestricted or uncontrolled access to service

Mobile App Penetration Testing:

The purpose of mobile penetration testing is to make your business aware of any weaknesses within its mobile infrastructure and built application. Using a mobile device assessment, we can provide recommendations for how to better secure the wide variety of mobile devices that companies use. Our service can operate on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

Typical Issues:

  • Access control and privilege escalation issues
  • XSS (Cross-site scripting) vulnerabilities associated with input/output validation
  • Unsecured storage

The Way We Work:

Our company employs the world's best and most experienced IT professionals who are equipped with ethical hacking techniques to discover weaknesses in your network, application, or software security.

Our Process:

  • Identify and prioritize your concerns and penetration test objectives (e.g. security compliance, vulnerabilities, internal threats, etc.)
  • We assign expert penetration professionals to the tasks as per their expertise.
  • Establish a schedule and approach for penetration testing.
  • We conduct deep Application penetration in your cyber defenses that reveal weaknesses.
  • You can expect a detailed cybersecurity posture report that is ready for stakeholders for observation.
  • Continuing to work with you in the capacity of a reliable IT Security Consultant if you agree.

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