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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Pacing Towards Immersive Future

Augmented & Virtual reality have been considered two of the leading technologies that have been making rapid strides and will play a major role in the future. AR and VR technologies are full of great possibilities.

The future where people can meet each other, hold meetings, play games, purchase a product from virtual shops, and many more activities will be possible with the help of Augmented and virtual reality.

Major IT companies have been talking about it for years and they do put their trust in these two technologies. The latest renaming of Facebook to “Metaverse is proof of it.

Our AR And VR Solutions

Bezetten is an industry-leading, innovative, and trend-setting AR and VR development company. Explore these emerging & evolving technologies to discover the tangible benefits they can offer. We provide immersive and visually engaging experiences to your customers when we work with you. Our AR/VR services include analyzing your challenges, defining the problem, suggesting solutions, creating storyboards, and conducting tests.

AR and VR environments and frameworks developments are among the specialties of our developers. The company uses platforms such as Unity, ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, and Wikitude to create unique, engaging, and innovative AR and VR applications. Furthermore, our in-house innovation lab is guided by global best practises, methodologies, and design thinking. The result is a minimum viable product that can be developed quickly and cost-effectively by providing ideas, developing through rapid testing, and delivering. We leave no stone unturned to meet your expectations.

Features Of Our A/R And V/R Development Services

Emphasis On Invention

VR and AR industry is seeing rapid growth where new technologies are making an impact and becoming progressive with each passing day. Providing exposure, getting our professionals trained in these technologies as soon as possible is very much important and we make sure that it happens as soon as possible.

No Role Of Third Party

We offer virtual reality and augmented reality solution development with the help of our in-house professionals. We don’t seek out any assistance from the outside.

Transparency and Accountability

In order to earn your trust and keep it, we strive to build long-term partnerships. To achieve this, we commit to being as transparent as possible about ourselves, our processes, our work, and the project we are working on. You have the right to decide how often you want to receive updates, but we will always keep you informed about the status of your project, budget, involved risks, timelines, and hurdles we are encountering.

Certified Professionals

As mentioned earlier, our and VR developers are exposed, certified, and trained in multiple trending and emerging VR and AR technologies. Unity 3D, 3DS Max & Maya, Blender, Three.js, Vuforia, Wikitude, ARKit. And ARCore etc are some of the software tools that we use. We ensure that only top-notch professionals work on your VR and AR projects.

You Own the Source Code

The source code remains with you as per our policies. Upon completion of the project, the complete source code will be transferred to you, so your project is yours with no additional fees or obligations. Maintaining and updating the project can be done through our team, or you can manage it internally as per the contract agreement.

AR and VR Are Shaping Tomorrow's Businesses

Many people still believe virtual reality is only good for entertainment purposes, but the truth is very different. It is that commercial VR technologies are outpacing and outgrowing entertainment activities. VR and AR development can offer countless benefits, from providing immersive and unimaginable entertainment to increasing sales and giving your customers a whole new shopping experience. Using these technologies, which are popular among consumers, you can gain a huge competitive advantage and optimise workflow among your employees.

The opportunities are endless, and the scope for experimenting is even bigger in VR & AR.

Spectrum Of Our AR And VR Solutions

Utilising Virtual and Augmented Reality, we assist our clients in developing solutions in the following areas:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Gaming
  • Movies
  • Education
  • E-Commerce
  • Gadgets
  • Business Solutions
  • Sports
  • Finance

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