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Blockchain Development

Custom Blockchain Development

In the world of technology, blockchain is an infant and it's not surprising that most people don't know what it does & how it works. It is a technology that uses peer-to-peer connections to write information to a decentralized, globally distributed database. The entries are also viewable retrospectively by participants. Everyone has access to information through technology. However, no one owns or controls it, but it is checked and managed by all participants.

You must be wondering what advantages blockchain has to offer? Let's explore the benefits of blockchain and why it is being loved everywhere.

Advantages of Adopting Blockchain Technologies

Quicker Process & Settlement

Traditional banking systems are comparatively slower than blockchain solutions. In traditional banking technologies, once all settlements are completed, it might take several days for the transaction to be processed. These solutions are also easily vulnerable to hacking and can get compromised. Traditional banking systems do not offer fast settlements as blockchain does. The user is able to transfer money relatively faster than usual, as a result of which he saves a lot of time and at the same time, it is safer than banking technologies.

Elevated Security

As there are no central authorities, none of the characteristics of a network can be changed for anyone's benefit. This also allows encryption, which brings additional security to the system.Besides, cryptography provides an additional layer of security when combined with decentralization. Since a cryptographic algorithm is a complex mathematical formula that protects against attacks, you can rest assured of the security prowess of the product.


The blockchain is safe and damage-proof tech and it is one of the most significant features of blockchain technology. Compared to a traditional banking system, blockchain works differently. Instead of relying on centralized governance, the blockchain is powered by a network of nodes.

Not A Centrally Controlled Technology

Blockchains aren't overseen by one organization or person. In reality, a decentralized network of nodes maintains the system.

It's one of the main advantages of blockchain technology. As it requires no governing bodies, the system can be accessed directly from the Internet and assets can be stored there.

Decentralized Ledgers

An open ledger usually provides all the information about a transaction and the participant. No information is kept secret in blockchain-created processes. In the of the cases blockchain, the majority of the people can see what is happening in the ledger.

Consensus Algorithms

Blockchain-based products are based on consensus algorithms. A consensus algorithm is the core of this architecture because it is intelligently designed. To aid in decision-making, every blockchain has a consensus algorithm.

Becoming Increasingly Famous And Favourite

Blockchain technologies are becoming increasingly famous and a favorite among people from all over the globe. Most of the credit goes to bitcoin, which has been accelerating rapidly in recent years. More and more countries are becoming aware of the pros of using blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Our Blockchain Solutions

We build Blockchain applications based on blockchain architecture and protocol. What types of blockchain applications can we create for you? That's up to you! We are available to step in at any stage of the product development process, from the minimum viable product (MVP) to full-scale implementation or product development. At the same time, we take responsibility for the blockchain project till it is completed successfully.

We provide robust and flexible blockchain development services. We currently use the following blockchain platforms and protocols:
Ethereum (including Solidity), Corda, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger.

Why It's Wise to Choose Us

The Bezetten team is renowned for cross-industry expertise and possessing a passion for attaining tenacious improvement in building blockchain architecture. We will work with you to imagine your vision and ideas into achievable use cases and at the same time, suggest the ideal technology stack, product design, and team composition in the initial phases of our blockchain consulting services — before we begin development. To translate projects' specifications, goals, and needs into customized blockchain solutions that will help you attain your objectives, we devote 100% of our time.

Spectrum Of Our Services

Our Blockchain Development services include the following:

  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Private Blockchain
  • Smart Contract
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Hyperledger Blockchain
  • Solidity Blockchain
  • Exchanges Blockchain
  • Supply Chain Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Portal

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