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CRM Solutions

Hybrid And Customised CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is a big part of maintaining a successful business. With CRM, you can keep track of all your customers and make sure you're giving them what they want.

CRM is a system that helps you keep track of your customers, their needs, and their lifetime value. This information is crucial to maintaining the health of your business. In the past, CRM systems were only found in large companies with enough resources to dedicate to them. Today, many businesses use CRM software to help them run more effectively and efficiently.

Managing a business has never been easy. Even the most routine tasks seem to be more difficult without a system of organization. Using CRM software will make it easier for you to stay on top of what's going on in your business while also providing benefits such as improved communications with customers and a more efficient workflow.

CRM software is essential to maintaining the health of your business. It's important to choose a CRM system that works best with the business processes and needs. Some CRMs are designed solely for marketing, while others are designed for sales. There are also systems for customer service. Evaluate which type of CRM would work best before making a decision.

Benefits Of Implementing CRM

There are a lot of benefits to implementing CRM in your business. The first is that you can have a better understanding of your customers. This is a great advantage because it can give you an insight into what people want and what they need from your business. It also allows you to keep track of all information pertaining to your customers, such as their contact details and purchase history among other things.

Bezetten CRM Solutions

Bezetten is one of the growing Software Development companies focused on Custom-build CRM Software for clients based in Australia, and the rest of the globe. Whenever you have any questions regarding our custom CRM products or readymade ones, our highly skilled and professional staff is ready to assist you.

We can design, build, and implement a customized business software solution to meet all of your unique requirements according to agreed deadlines and budgets, with no hidden fees and a minimum of hassles.

Because we follow a customer-centric approach and have years of Salesforce experience, we can deliver your projects successfully and on time regardless of their complexity. Bezetten offers offshore development and support services. Unlimited development packages at a fixed price are available with flexible support packages.

With our created CRM, you can handle all aspects of :

1. Pre-sales:

  • Leads
  • Contacts management
  • Catalog of products
  • Prospective opportunities
  • Products, and quotations, and many more

2. Post-sales:

  • Inventory
  • Sales orders
  • Work orders
  • Service management
  • Customer feedback
  • Support tickets
  • Project management and much more

What We Incorporate in Our CRM Systems:

1. Customized Systems

Designed to meet your unique expectations and processes

2. Analytics of big data

Analyzing large volumes of composite data to reveal patterns and insights

3. Business intelligence (BI)

Data Management, Analytics, and Simulation solutions for automating decision-making

4. Develop hybrid solutions

Customized solutions are available along with ready-made products

5. Integrations with external systems

We integrate your client database process with several third-party systems

6. Automating marketing

Implementation of individualization and variability-based customer communication architecture

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