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Frequently Asked Questions

At Bezetten, we offer a diverse range of employment-related services, including temporary and seasonal staffing as well as recruiting and employment placement. We help companies looking for recruitment with pre-screened, outstanding workers for seasonal, temporary, or for long-term appointments.

More than 78% of our clients are software or IT companies that come from Australia and the rest of the globe, and the remainder come from multiple sectors that need IT staffing in some form & these include financial services, healthcare, travel, broadcasting, construction, hospitality, supply chain, media, and pharmaceuticals. We also assist employers from multiple industries with open requests for internal IT support.

Bezetten is a staffing & IT solution company whose clients receive end-to-end recruitment, software development, and many other IT solution services. Additionally, our solutions include AR/VR development, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence development.

Internet of things (IoT) is the part of digitization that refers to the use of data for driving business, but the terms are interchangeable in practice with little consequence.

We recruit talent by using multiple methods, including our own proprietary database of pre-screened tech professionals, by using social media campaigns, networking events, job fairs, referrals, and many other talent hunts initiatives.

Our recruiters provide you with qualified candidates by seeking, screening, and presenting them. We do this every day, so we're able to determine which employees are the most qualified to work for you. Recruiting for you entails maintaining production, increasing profits, developing and retaining your staff while taking care of customer needs.

Definitely! We provide our clients with new insights into customer behavior. This helps them to deliver a better customer experience to their customers.

We use a variety of platforms to develop AR and VR products and our team has expertise in Unity, Adobe Suite, Unreal Engine, Autodesk Suite, as well as all AR/VR frameworks and headsets.

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