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IAM Solutions

Tailored IAM Solution Implementation And Governance Solutions

Identity and access management (IAM) is critical to an organization's IT security strategy. Since the existence of applications, servers, and databases is bound to be in higher numbers, securing all of them becomes more important. Information access management (IAM) solutions allow secure access to various resources within the enterprise. It offers functionality like single sign-on, provisioning, user management, access control, and governance.

Bezetten provide you with effective, tailored, and highly innovative Identity and access management solutions. We receive many clients who have already worked with multiple vendors for IAM. Generally, they claim to have experienced lots of issues. We at Bezetten begin any IAM project by thinking skillfully and improving legacy solutions and environments. We ensure that your employees and all your technologies operate together with custom configurations. Our team also solves issues related to processes, user interfaces, security, timeliness, implementation of new software, and program management. It is important to us that you know the IAM solution will bring continuing value to your organization.

An identity access management system consists of both policies and technology designed to facilitate the management of electronic digital identities.

Benefits Of IAM Solution Implementation And Governance Solutions

  • If any company has an effective IAM framework in place, its decision-makers can control the access authorization of a particular user to critical information within the organization.
  • With Identity and Access Management, administrators can implement role-based access control within their organizations.
  • Administrators can assign a specific role to a person, defining their access credentials and scope with regards to the information.
  • An organization's user base can be monitored with full visibility into every aspect of it using centralized directory services.
  • Ensure your remote workforce is empowered.
  • Adopt Zero Trust.
  • Reduce IT friction.
  • Collaboration with partners.
  • Automated access for new employees, movers, and departing employees.
  • Ensure access only for authorized users.
  • Manage orphan accounts.
  • Using SoD checks to govern access.
  • Make audit-ready reports available for download.

Bezetten is an expert at building all of the necessary controls and tools for acquiring and storing login information, controlling the enterprise's user identity database, and securing access privileges.

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