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Internet Of Things

Incomparable IoT Solutions

We cannot understate the impact technology has on daily life because of connected devices that run on IoT (Internet of Things). Whether you own a big company, a store or even just live in a house, the impact of the Internet of Things is everywhere. More and more businesses, individuals and households are integrating the internet of things & if they have not, they will have to.

On the business side, more and more manufacturers, services, product creators, and OEMs experience the need to update their legacy products & this presents a significant challenge to them. Their legacy products will have to be reengineered so that they can connect with IoT networks. However, you need experienced IoT solution providers and builders if you are interested in developing quality custom IoT solutions for your own needs or serving others.

By employing Bezetten efficient and seamless IoT-based solutions, you can efficiently transform your existing organizational operations into more efficient ones. Our approach enriches and elevates the experiences of smarter businesses and industries. You can rely on us to provide customized IoT solutions to meet your needs.

IoT Solutions Of The Highest Quality

Embracing and empowering organizations is always at the heart of what we do. Understanding clients’ needs and keeping them abreast of new trends are some of our priorities. Our prestigious client receives a complete IoT-based solution from the right sensors to the right platform via our modern IoT solutions.

These solutions include :

  • IoT Consulting.
  • Integration And Development Of Platforms.
  • Development of Applications.
  • Development of Embedded Products.
  • Building IoT Gateways.

Custom Internet Of Things Solutions

Bezetten is a custom IoT solution provider with services on offer for Australia, Asia, Europe, Uk, the USA. & across the globe.

Using internet-connected devices - such as sensors, smartphones, machines, and wearables - we help IT organizations and business leaders collect and share data across wireless networks in real-time. To create end-to-end Internet of Things solutions, we address all the layers, from hardware to software to analytics and applications. And all is taken care of with the help of AI, cloud computing, machine learning and data analysis.

Whatever your industry might be, our solution can meet the requirements, overcome challenges and make your products and tools smarter than ever before.

What Makes Bezetten An Irresistible Choice For IoT

  • Experienced professionals ready to go above and beyond their regular activities to resolve your business-critical issues.
  • The R&D capabilities that we offer range from scientific research to the creation of AI and ML models that can be integrated into your business operations.
  • We provide high-performance cloud environments through our expertise in cloud computing platforms and services.
  • Our design processes are deeply incorporated into engineering processes. We work closely with our front-end developers to ensure consistency in user interfaces, user experiences across mobile solutions,& web applications, and other customer-centric products.
  • To move your business forward, we will develop custom IoT solutions tailored to the needs of your industry.
  • You have no reason to worry about us meeting deadlines because we never miss any.

Areas of focus

Bezetten creates end-to-end IoT solutions that power smart industries, smart living, and smart companies while enabling end-to-end connectivity. To maximize efficiencies, we focus primarily on the following segments despite having expertise in all stages of IoT adoption:

Industries with smart Technology

These include manufacturing, Energy, Utilities.

Technologies For Smart Living

These include wearables, smartphones, home appliances healthcare, Security

Technologies For Businesses

We focus & help clients in developing technologies for smart homes/ Buildings/ Offices, Retail, & many more setups.

Spectrum Of Our Services

Our offered IoT solutions include:

  • IoT Testing Services
  • IoT Consulting
  • Product Engineering
  • IoT App Development
  • Security & Device Management
  • IoT Analysis
  • R&D Services

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