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Software Development

Transparent & Progressive Software Development

The software development field is perhaps the most exciting field in IT. However, it also calls for the use of cutting edge technology and innovation. Bezetten brings you both along with certified professionals who help you turn your vision into reality.

Modern software require advanced coding abilities, modern APIs, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Whether you need software for your employees’ processes, staffing, workflow requirements for your business, or have enterprise-level problems, you can choose & trust us.

Why Choosing Us Would Be Wise

Based on our credentials, we claim to be an ideal option for you. We've developed custom software for several industries, such as staffing, banking, finance, construction, information technology & many more industries in the last few years. As a result of our experience, innovation, and technological advancement in the training process, our professionals remain fresh and well prepared to meet any challenge.

We understand the user experience requirements when we go through the software development lifecycle. We specialize in custom software development across several verticals - IoT, AI, Blockchain, full-stack development, mobile software development, cloud computing, game development & big data, etc.

Processes We Follow For Our Development


In this phase, we and our research and development experts will work with you to carry out an analysis of the market, analyze your competitors, and deeply study the feasibility of your product idea. To develop secure and scalable applications that go perfectly with your budget, we'll create a custom strategy to identify obstacles, possible solutions and choose the right technology stack.

Creation OF UI/UX

At this stage, your product starts taking shape in the real world in the form of U/UIx that works on all mediums like mobile phones, desktops, machinery and laptops, etc. The Information Architecture (IA) focuses on organizing, structuring, and labelling content. This plays an important role in creating low-fidelity sketches, and high-fidelity wireframes and prototyping. The motto is to create easy to navigate, lag-free and attractive UI /UX.

Development Step

This is the step where the work happens at a brisk pace for the front-end and back-end. The actual product takes a real-life physical shape and becomes ready for testing. Through a comprehensive automated framework & experienced professionals, we deliver a near-perfect product.


Before the deployment of the product, testing is the most important step. During testing, we ensure the product is tested up to its limits in a real-world simulation and measure if all features perform as expected. Testing methods include manual and automated procedures. These procedures include Manual, Unit, Regression to Security and Google webmaster testing etc. In the end, we deliver software or applications that delight users and always work flawlessly.

Smooth Deployment

The next step is to roll out everything we have so far developed. This is a difficult task, but one we are capable of completing without any obstacle. To ensure that nothing is missed, we follow a checklist of best practices that we must follow thoroughly. Live-testing an application on a server is a complex process and involves many steps and KPIs. We take extra precautions and carry out the process smoothly. Our developers are experts in using the ideal deployment tools and technologies. And at the end, we offer & keep a rollback strategy to reverse erroneous decisions.

We Add Value To Your Endeavours

Bezetten philosophy is to develop long-term relationships and to adhere to the principles of professional work ethics and continuous improvement. Look at the positive highlights of our services:

  • Timely Delivery Of Projects.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Modern technology stack and certified professionals.
  • Quality product support & Maintenance services.
  • Fully secure apps and software development.
  • Timely & transparent reporting of project reports.
  • Continuous and direct communication with project head throughout the project.

Spectrum Of Our Services

We provide services in the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Development
  • Windows Azure developers
  • Backend Development
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Web Development
  • Database Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Frontend Development
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Game Development
  • Ecommerce Website Development

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