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Training & Development

Custom-Made Training & Development

Training & development is a crucial part of the overall business strategy to keep it on the path to success. Businesses that do not invest in the continuous process of improving their employees' skills are at risk of becoming incompetent and falling behind.

It is imperative to invest in your employees' skills to succeed as a business. By keeping up with the right training, you can maintain your competitive edge and achieve your business goals. However, it can be difficult & complex to find advancement programs that can scale up to meet your training & development needs without consuming resources. This is where the Bezetten job training & development program comes into the picture. We help you with custom training & development solutions to meet the individual needs of the organizations. These specialized programs can mould themselves as per changing needs of the organization.

Aspects We Focus On

What Is Needed

First, we conduct an assessment in order to determine the requirements of your processes. We look into the current processes & workflow in those to measure their effectiveness & opportunities to bring in improvement.

Culture & Psychological Values Analysis

In order to ensure that training modules work effectively, we examine the cultural set-up of your organization and the psychological state of trainees. We would never want to create a cultural shock or hurt the feelings of any individual while imparting training.

Collaboration With Stakeholders

Bringing transformative reforms in the employees’ working processes is not possible without the consent & support of stakeholders & key management decision-makers. We perform this with detailed sessions focused on explaining the need for the training program, solution programs detailed outline & blueprints.

Use Of Mixed/ Blended Training

The mix or blended learning may be necessary to meet the custom needs of organizations for onboarding, training & development of new or existing employees. Rather than being solely classroom-based, this approach combines multiple delivery methods. Since no one solution can meet every training need, more than one delivery method is used.

Some of the methods that we implement are :

  • In classroom training.
  • On the job training.
  • E- class room traininig.
  • Mentorship.
  • Leadership building programs.
  • Technical Skill enhancements training.
  • Simulated training.

Practical & Effective

We know that traditional methods can have their drawbacks & use of innovative but practical methods may help better while imparting the training & development skills. The trainees get simulated experiences of real-life by engaging in day-to-day practical scenarios. This allows them to develop skills faster & more effectively.

Here's what we bring to the table:

  • Softskills development of the highest class.
  • Overall management & leadership improvement.
  • Technical skills training as per your processes.
  • Result-oriented Solutions.
  • Timely delivery of results along with detailed reports.
  • Road map preparation for future.
  • Training after analysis of the culture of your organization.
  • Highly qualified, certified & experienced trainers.
  • Custom Solutions to meet individual organizational needs.
  • Solutions for smallest to largest businesses.

To enhance work performance and enhance careers, our team provides one-on-one and group sessions to enhance general competencies. In addition, we offer customized training for those who wish to become more proficient in mentoring, leadership and coaching.

Spectrum Of Our Services

Among our training and development solutions are:

  • Bespoke Training Courses
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Learning & Development Strategy
  • Performance & Career Coaching
  • Line Manager & Supervisor
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Corporate
  • Softskill & Personality Improvement
  • Simulated
  • Leadership
  • Technical Process

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